Spouse trucker teams

Trucking opens up doors to a lot of adventures and opportunities that you otherwise would never get a chance to do. You get to experience the open road and see parts of the country that most would not. However, spending long periods on the road by yourself can also be lonely, boring and tiring.

This is why more and more truckers are opting to team up with their significant other and become a ‘power couple’ of sorts, in the trucker world anyway.

If you are considering taking this option, have a look at the pros and cons we’ve weighed up for you. However, we strongly recommend that you consult truck licencing school in your area or city who can give you all the necessary information you need.


Make it rain

What makes more money than one trucker? Two truckers of course! A bonus of having your partner work with you in a trucker team is that you’re doubling the amount of money you get for a job. More money is a popular incentive for most spouse trucker teams.

Lonely heart be gone

Tag teaming with your significant other ensures that loneliness won’t occur. It also gives you a chance to do some fun activities on your breaks like a picnic lunch or a sight-seeing at a pit-stop. You can even take photos to document your ‘trip’ and keep your family and friends updated on all the couple things you’re doing.

Let’s share

Bunking with your loved one also means you save space on personal items and areas. Just think about it – if you were tag teaming with a friend, there is still the issue of seperate sleeping arrangements and personal items such as pillows, blankets, shampoo, and food. It’s a lot different with your spouse as most likely you’ve had very close living arrangements pre-trucker life, so sharing the cab isn’t too much of a change.


Less meaningful time spent

Tag teaming may mean less time to spend with each other in a meaningful way – even though you will be within close proximity of one another in terms of distance, it will be hard to spend quality time as in most circumstances one partner will be driving while the other is catching up on sleep or regaining their energy for their next shift on the wheel.

A case of the backseat driver

Another problem that may occur is that one partner may be more skilled as a driver than the other. When this happens, one partner may begin to criticise the other as the ‘backseat driver’, which will result growing hostility. Disagreements in general can lead to both parties getting sick of each other’s company very quickly.


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